The Fourth annual Worthy Awards – Entry Tips and Information

The Fourth annual Worthy Awards
Entry Tips and Information
By: Carolyn Bobo, APR, Fellow PRSA

The Worthy Awards are designed to provide area communications, marketing and public relations professionals with an opportunity to celebrate creativity, strategic thinking and professional ability.

Don’t be hesitant about entering. Think about your activities between January 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015, and go for it.

Here are some tips for preparing your entry.

A solid entry will address these points:

  • What was done?
  • Why did it matter?
  • How was it measured?

Carefully Read the Entry Parameters
The judges (Cleveland’s PRSA chapter) will look at each required area and base their scoring on how well the four entry areas are explained. Entrants should address each required point, and thoughtfully explain their good work so that it is excruciatingly clear to judges not familiar with our area.

Rationale (Tactics) and Research (Campaigns, Projects)
Explain any type of research, and why it was used. A textbook campaign would include formal, original research, but that isn’t always feasible or necessary. Judges know this, so entrants should clearly describe what was done. For example, a brainstorming session, a review of media clips or discussions with clients may be described as secondary, qualitative research … literature review … content analysis … anecdotal reports.

Objective/Purpose (Tactics) and Planning (Campaigns, Projects)
Why did you do what you did? Possible reasons are to increase sales, raise funds, create name recognition or influence public behavior. Describe any factors about the project/tactic that will help judges understand the purpose and the market. Note that the purpose must – absolutely must – match the outcome. Read on to the Evaluation section.

Execution (Campaigns, Projects)
Explain which tactics were chosen and why. When there are several tactical options, the entrant should state, for example, that “these tactics were selected to expand the reach of our message,” identify and justify each tactic.

Remember that the judges won’t know that your decisions and efforts were special unless you tell them.

If your entry states “TV station XYZ sponsored the event,” you must explain that “TV station XYZ rarely supports activities in Fort Worth.” Or, “TV station XYZ sponsors only three events per year, and we convinced the station to choose ours.”

Another hypothetical example: If your target market/public prefers electronic media over print, your entry should state, “Secondary research found that our target demographic prefers to receive electronic communications.” Such data may be obvious to you, but your entry narrative also must make your decision obvious to the judges.

Execution (Tactics)
Here’s where to explain who wrote the copy, designed a magazine, edited content, provided photos, approved the budget and negotiated with a vendor. The tactics section of The Worthy Awards is an explanation of who did what. If an unusual price or component was negotiated, say so, so the judges will understand your extra effort.

Results (Tactics)
Tactics are created to meet a specific need, and are skillfully and professionally prepared. An evaluation of effectiveness and impact, based upon defined objectives, can be simply stated. However, the results must – absolutely must – match the purpose. If the purpose was “to generate five media stories,” the result must show five (or more) media reports. If the purpose is “to raise awareness,” the results must show a measurable increase in awareness.

Evaluation (Campaigns, Projects)
Explain how the targeted market, public or audience responded and how you learned about its response. This is the time to include quantitative data and analysis. Such measures may be a replication of preliminary research or measures of other activities. For example, measures can be election results, a sales increase, ROI, donor or donation increase, or the number of participants/responses that exceeded expectations. Include as much measurable and anecdotal response as possible, and describe future plans.

If comprehensive research was not needed, say so. For example, “More than 5,000 people in our target public responded to the activity. We expected only 3,000, so we did not repeat our preliminary research to measure interest in the topic. However, we will analyze the experience of these respondents to plan future campaigns related to this issue.”

Information below on Communicator of the Year will be available soon. Please check back.

Good luck to everyone. See you at the Nov. 5 awards presentation.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like more information:

August 2015 Luncheon

August Luncheon_Image_Large

***The Greater Fort Worth PRSA August luncheon is SOLD OUT.***

Creating A Fully Engaged Workforce That Will Result In Powerful Brand Reputation And Customer Satisfaction

Presented by: Katie Coldwell, Southwest Airlines
Sponsored by: Curry Printing

Join the GreaCurry Printingter Fort Worth PRSA on Wednesday, August 12, as Katie Coldwell, director of communication & outreach for Southwest Airlines Co, discusses how to create a fully engaged workforce that results in powerful brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines is known for its fun and “LUVing” Corporate Culture. A fully engaged workforce is an essential ingredient for a positive reputation, and bottom-line results, while culture is one of the most powerful elements that can impede or enable change. This session will provide you with a glimpse into how Southwest Airlines uses a variety of communication tools to shape its culture, motivate change, and engage employees, including:

  • Exciting new ideas to energize your employees—all on a minimal budget
  • Opportunities to communicate to your entire employee group—whether you have a highly mobile workforce or one with daily computer access
  • How “Vision” and “Purpose” can’t just be words on paper, but can come to life through storytelling

Click here to register!
Thank you to Curry Printing for graciously sponsoring this month’s GFW PRSA luncheon! 

About Katie Coldwell 

Katie Coldwell has LUVed her job at Southwest Airlines for more than 15 years. An integral member of Southwest’s Communications Team, Katie leads Southwest’s corporate communication function, creating Southwest’s corporate voice, educating and inspiring employees, and fostering an outstanding reputation as a winning global company. Katie also works with the editorial communication team on message and channel strategy for all internal, external and online communications for employees and customers.

Katie graduated with a Marketing and International Business degree from Abilene Christian University. After graduating, she “landed” at Southwest Airlines where the company’s attributes of having a Warrior Spirit, a Servant’s Heart, and a Fun-LUVing Attitude align with Katie’s values. Katie first served Southwest Airlines in the Revenue Management and Pricing Department, then transferred to Communications four years later.

She loves to travel, so it’s a good thing that she works for an airline! On her adventures, she’s visited six continents and 36 countries. When she’s not living out of a suitcase, Katie lives in Farmers Branch, Texas.

GFW PRSA November Luncheon: How brands are creating LGBT communication strategies

PRSA November Program

How Brands are Creating LGBT Communication Strategies

L. Michelle Smith, U.S. Diversity, Corporate Communications, will discuss how brands are developing next-step LGBT marketing strategies. As support for – and acceptance of – the LGBT community continues to grow in the U.S., brands are more often including it in mainstream marketing programs. Michelle will share how AT&T turned around its net promoter score with the LGBT community. She’ll share a case study and talk about how AT&T recently launched a social media campaign to celebrate LGBT History Month through October by asking consumers to check in at locations that have empowered the community using the hashtag #MakingYourMark.

Wednesday, November 12 • 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Colonial Country Club (3735 Country Club Circle, Fort Worth, TX 76109)

Complimentary valet parking provided!

Click here to register.


  • GFW PRSA Members – $25
  • National PRSA Members – $30
  • Non-members – $35
  • Students – $20

Walk-ups: Add an additional $5 to the above prices

To account for additional costs associated with walk-ups and other meeting services, the Greater Fort Worth Chapter of PRSA uses the following reservation policy: Online reservations are due no later than 5 pm the Friday prior to the luncheon, and cancellations must be made by 5 p.m. the day before the luncheon. No-shows will be billed or a representative may attend in that person’s place at no additional charge. Walk-ups are accepted for an additional $5 if space is available.

About the Speaker:

L. Michelle Smith
l_michelle_smith_mugshotL. Michelle Smith leads diversity corporate communications for AT&T including eight multicultural and emerging segments. With more than 20 years’ experience, she has led teams of dynamic PR professionals for some of the world’s largest PR agencies, as well as her own boutique agency, to award winning results. She’s a former television news writer/producer with an insatiable nose for news, a precise insight for intelligent social engagement and a curious interest for anything tech related. She directs five agency teams for the Fortune 11 communications giant. Embracing a no-silos approach to communications, she is an extremely energetic news and social media junkie. She is a creative, strategic thinker, planner and problem solver who always drives to results.

2014 Fall Professional Development Seminar


In this half-day session, Arik Hanson, seasoned PR counselor and content marketer with almost 20 years experience, talks about why today’s branded content is less than stellar and how PR pros can remedy the situation.

Attendees will take away the following:
•    “Content Cornerstones” (guidelines that are critical to your content success)
•    the pros and cons of outsourcing content vs. insourcing
•    a review of four brands that are killing it in content marketing
•    key lessons you can learn and apply to your work the very next day

Wednesday, October 8 • Colonial Country Club
8 a.m. – Registration; 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. – Morning Session; 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Luncheon

8:00 a.m. – Seminar Registration/Networking
8:30 a.m. – 11:20 am – Professional Development Seminar
11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. – Luncheon Registration/Networking
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. – Annual Membership Meeting & Luncheon Program

Colonial Country Club is located at 3735 Country Club Circle, Fort Worth, TX 76109. Complimentary valet parking provided!

Members of the Greater Fort Worth Chapter of PRSA are invited to attend the annual membership meeting on Wednesday, October 8, 2014. The membership meeting will take place during the monthly luncheon, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Colonial Country Club (3735 Country Club Circle, Fort Worth, TX 76109).

During the annual membership meeting portion of the luncheon, members will vote on the slate of officers compiled by the Nominations Committee for the 2015 Greater Fort Worth Chapter. (Please note: The full slate will be released at a later date prior to the meeting.)

Click here to register.


$65 for the morning session only & $75 for both morning session and luncheon. If attending only the luncheon, the cost is:

  • GFW PRSA Members – $25
  • National PRSA Members – $30
  • Non-members – $35
  • Students – $20

Walk-ups: Add an additional $5 to the above prices

To account for additional costs associated with walk-ups and other meeting services, the Greater Fort Worth Chapter of PRSA uses the following reservation policy: Online reservations are due no later than 5 pm the Friday prior to the luncheon, and cancellations must be made by 5 p.m. the day before the luncheon. No-shows will be billed or a representative may attend in that person’s place at no additional charge. Walk-ups are accepted for an additional $5 if space is available.

Speaker Bio:

Arik C. Hanson
ArikH1Arik C. Hanson, is the principal of ACH Communications, a marketing and communications consultancy focused delivering business results through an integrated mix of digital and traditional PR and marketing channels. An award-winning communicator and marketer, Arik has nearly 20 years experience in marketing, communications and PR. Over the years, he’s worked with large, Fortune 500 clients like Select Comfort, Walgreens, General Mills and Walmart, as well as smaller, more local organizations like UCare, Minnetonka Public School District and Bike Walk Twin Cities. Arik is also an ardent contributor to the local Minneapolis/St. Paul PR and marketing community. Over the years, he’s donated his time to such organizations as: PRSA (board member from 2005-2008), Children’s Hospitals & Clinics, Bolder Options, Winona State University (his alma mater) and the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (where he’s currently on the board). Arik’s popular PR and digital marketing blog, Communications Conversations, has been recognized as one of the leading industry blogs by a number of credible online sources in the last few years including PRWeb and PR Week. Posts from Communications Conversations are also syndicated to Ragan, PR Daily, Business 2 Community and Social Media Today regularly.