3 Ways Effective Communicators Structure Unforgettable Messages

Even the best ideas must be presented in a way the listener will understand & remember. Here are 3 structures to help you communicate more effectively, via Entrepreneur.

June 2017 Luncheon

June 2017

“Cut through the Clutter. Get Noticed and Be Heard!”
Wednesday, June 14 – GFW PRSA June Luncheon

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Join us Wednesday, June 14, for the Greater Fort Worth Chapter of PRSA luncheon at the City Club of Fort Worth in downtown, where a panel of DFW’s top journalists will offer insights on cutting through the clutter to make your pitches heard.

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The panel will also go into the “sausage-making” side of news planning, so you can see why your story pitch may make a morning cut, but doesn’t make it to air. Additionally, the panel will address new uses of social media and how you can utilize these news outlets’ websites and new media platforms to generate attention.

The panel will be driven, for the most part, by YOUR questions. Think about what you want to know and come prepared.

John McCaa, WFAA-TV Channel 8 anchor
Brandon Todd, FOX 4 reporter/anchor
Alexandra Myers Russell, NBC 5 assignment editor
Freda Ross, WBAP/KLIF news director
Deanna Boyd, Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter

Charlie Hodges, GFW PRSA chapter member, owner of Charlie Hodges Media
Charlie works both sides of the fence through his company and also as a Sunday morning anchor and reporter at the CBS Radio properties TSN and KRLD NewsRadio 1080.

May 2017 Luncheon


“Fast, Faster, Fastest: How to Find Joy & Balance in Today’s Lightning-Speed Life.”
Wednesday, May 10 – GFW PRSA May Luncheon PicMonkey Collage

Partnered With: Blue Zones Project and Murnahan Public Relations 

Join us Wednesday, May 10, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., at The City Club of Fort Worth as we welcome Tatiana Miller, who will share tools to help us live a well-balanced life.

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Tatiana has a Bachelor of Arts in public relations and marketing from The University of Texas at Austin, and is a yoga teacher, stress management consultant, Ayurvedic (one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems) health counselor and clinical specialist. Tatiana, who has studied with renowned teachers such as Deepak Chopra and Dr. Marc Halpren, is currently working on a doctorate in alternative medicine. Her motto, taken from Chopra, is to “bridge the technological miracles of the west with the ancient wisdom of the east.”

Life comes at you fast, no matter what life stage you’re in. From the fresh college graduates trying to adjust to new work schedules while also maintaining friendships, volunteerism and new relationships, to the new parents enduring sleepless nights and early morning meetings and schedules that just aren’t meshing. Once the kids get older, their schedules are often in conflict with yours. Even later in your career, when you assume life would go at a slower pace, you just can’t seem to find the even keel. Adult children move back home after college, aging parents require care, too many volunteer jobs, not to mention the 24-hour news cycle and never-ending feeling to be connected. Life moves fast and can often feel out of balance.

Invite your friends for this unique topic at the Greater Fort Worth chapter of PRSA. The more of us learning together, the better equipped we will all be to lead a fulfilled professional and personal life in our community.

January 2017 Luncheon


“How to Be Effective in an Ever-Changing Information Environment ”
January 11 – GFW PRSA January Luncheon

Join the Greater Fort Worth PRSA chapter on Wednesday, January 11, at 11:30 a.m. at the City Club of Fort Worth to learn how to be effective in the ever-changing global information environment. Our chapter’s own Robert Hastings, APR, Fellow PRSA, will share how to plan and implement strategic communications in a corporate world. He will touch on how to use research to better target your audiences, focus your strategies, measure your success and improve your ROI.

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November 2016 Member Spotlight: Jill Anderson, APR

profilepicName: Jill Anderson, APR

Job Title/Company: Director of Marketing/ACH Child and Family Services

College/Degree/Graduation Date: Baylor University/Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/December 16, 2006

Hometown: I’m a military brat, so I’ve moved around a bit. Born in Selma, Alabama, lived in North Dakota, Alaska, and Texas. I claim Texas now since I’ve spent my adult life here. J

Position within GFW PRSA (i/a): Secretary

Childhood ambition (what did you want to be when you grew up?): I wanted to be a teacher most of my childhood, then a writer, and as a freshman in college I wanted to be a psychologist.

Current livelihood (what you’re actually doing as a grown-up): As the director of marketing for ACH, I get to do most of what I wanted to do as a kid. I write stories, teach through speaking events and tours, and study audience trends. And all the other things too – PR, agency communications, graphic design, social media management and web management.

First PR job: Public Relations Officer at Methodist Children’s Home

What you know now that you wish you’d known then: In a leadership role, there are a lot of difficult decisions and situations to deal with daily. The challenge is to handle them appropriately and quickly, and still be an encouraging leader that your team wants to follow to success with each project.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received: At this point in my life, some advice given to me recently really resonated with me. It was from a woman, who now is a grandmother and successful business owner, who said that there’s time to do what I want to do. There’s no need to rush. Enjoy life and enjoy my children while they are young because the time will go by quickly.

Greatest professional or personal accomplishment: Earning my bachelor’s degree from Baylor University – I was the first in my family to earn a four-year degree. Secondly, it would be achieving my APR this year. Next is to earn the MBA!

If you weren’t in PR, you would be ______?: Owner of an independent bookstore and bakery.


Desired legacy: To raise my two girls to be loving, kind and generous people who are willing to help those who need it most. I hope to foster children who need a safe home one day. I’d like to say I made a positive difference in someone’s life.

Why did you originally join PRSA?: My career has been in nonprofit and government PR, and generally we’re limited to the number of staff we have in the PR department. So I initially joined to network with other professionals in the field and continue my education.

Finally, tell us about your hometown and what makes it cool: I’ll go with Alaska since that’s where I spent most of my childhood. It was dark during most of the day in the winter, but what people may not realize is the incredible displays of the Northern Lights we got to enjoy throughout winter. They were beautiful and I miss seeing them. As a teen, my vehicle of choice was a snow mobile. And I lived 15 miles from THE Santa Clause House in the town of North Pole, AK.