PRSA Group Member Program February Promotion

For the month of February 2015, the PRSA Group Member Program is having a President’s Day Sale for all New Groups that join during this month.   A New Group will have the choice of either a FREE Professional Interest Section (1st year dues for the entire team) or a FREE Chapter (1st year dues for New Members only).  The following discounts will apply:


  1. $65 Initiation Fee (New Members) à WAIVED
  2. $35 Reinstatement Fee (Reinstated Members) à WAIVED
  3. $60 one (1) Professional Interest Section (All Members – 1st year dues) àWAIVED


  1. One (1) Chapter – cost varies (New Members only – 1st year dues) à WAIVED


Program criteria and benefits include:


  • We require that a minimum of 5 employees join at the same time. Existing members can also join and their dues will be prorated accordingly.
  • All employees must join as the same member type.
  • Payment methods accepted are credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express) or company check.
  • One convenient renewal date for the entire team.
  • One invoice detailing payment for each member, which will be sent to the group contact. Make a single payment each year for group members’ dues, rather than numerous individual payments.
  • Ease of adding new members: additional members can join the group at any time during the year and dues will be prorated accordingly.
  • Easily-transferable memberships for when an employee changes departments or leaves your organization.
  • Annual billing for renewals, after the first year.
  • Availability of multi-year memberships at an additional discount.


To learn more about the PRSA Group Member Program, visit the Groups section of the website at  To request a proposal with cost estimates for your team, complete the Request a Quote (far right tab on the site), then click Submit.  I look forward to hearing from you and bringing your team on board in 2015.

2014 Program Wrap-Up

By: Sandra Brodnicki, APR

As the New Year gets underway, the Greater Fort Worth PRSA chapter is developing a roster of luncheons, professional development workshops, mixers and more for 2015. I had the opportunity to serve the chapter in 2014 as the programs chair by working with chapter leadership to bring members the programs they desired, based on a membership survey taken in early 2014.

Here’s a recap of the chapter’s luncheons:

January: Overcoming Challenges to Tell the F-35 Story Worldwide

February: What Makes Good Work “Award-Winning” Work?

April: Accreditation in Public Relations: Defining Standards of Practice for 50 Years

May: Pragmatic Measurement

June:  How to be Heard: Learning to Use Agility to Win the C-Suite’s Attention

August: Defamation and Invasion of Privacy: What Communicators Must Know in 2014 and Beyond

September: PR Ethics: Only Fifty Shades of Grey?

October: Social Media In-Depth: The Shifting Nature of Content Marketing

November: How Brands are Creating LGBT Communication Strategies

December: Retrospect: Merriment, Milestones & More


Our programming efforts in 2014 addressed six of the top eight topics our survey indicated were important to our members (31 responses). Those six topics are outlined below, the percentage of respondents requesting the topic is indicated in parentheses, and the specific program addressing that topic immediately follows.

  • In-depth social media analysis; strategy, planning and measurement (74.19%) – Professional development and luncheon program in October
  • Case studies/war stories from chapter members (74.19%) – Luncheon program in January
  • Creative, low-cost ways of conducting research (70.97% ) – Luncheon program in May
  • How quickly PR is becoming aligned with marketing (45.16%) – Professional development in October and luncheon in November
  • Content development and coordination (45.16%) – Professional development in October
  • Developing your personal brand/career development/leadership training (41.94%) – Luncheon programs in February, April, June and September

Rounding out the top eight were effective presentations (58.06%) and hosting a media panel (54.84%). Not to worry! Effective presentations were the focus of a late 2013 luncheon program, while new programs chair Claire Bloxom Armstrong has convened an amazing media panel for the Feb. 11 luncheon.

More than 70% of the respondents indicated that aligning programs with the professional areas most emphasized in the accreditation process was somewhat (46.43%) or very important (25%). Those professional areas are research, planning, implementation and evaluation; ethics and law; communication models and theories; business literacy; management skills and crisis communications.  GFW programming delivered programs in April, May, June, August and September that addressed these professional areas.

The chapter remains committed to listening to our members’ needs. Your input – whether it’s participation in a survey or making a suggestion on a possible speaker – is critical to making our chapter your chapter.

Thanks to all of those who participated in our last survey! And thanks to the Greater Fort Worth PRSA chapter leadership for all their assistance in 2014 for helping to bring meaningful programs to our members.