August 2015 Luncheon

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***The Greater Fort Worth PRSA August luncheon is SOLD OUT.***

Creating A Fully Engaged Workforce That Will Result In Powerful Brand Reputation And Customer Satisfaction

Presented by: Katie Coldwell, Southwest Airlines
Sponsored by: Curry Printing

Join the GreaCurry Printingter Fort Worth PRSA on Wednesday, August 12, as Katie Coldwell, director of communication & outreach for Southwest Airlines Co, discusses how to create a fully engaged workforce that results in powerful brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines is known for its fun and “LUVing” Corporate Culture. A fully engaged workforce is an essential ingredient for a positive reputation, and bottom-line results, while culture is one of the most powerful elements that can impede or enable change. This session will provide you with a glimpse into how Southwest Airlines uses a variety of communication tools to shape its culture, motivate change, and engage employees, including:

  • Exciting new ideas to energize your employees—all on a minimal budget
  • Opportunities to communicate to your entire employee group—whether you have a highly mobile workforce or one with daily computer access
  • How “Vision” and “Purpose” can’t just be words on paper, but can come to life through storytelling

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Thank you to Curry Printing for graciously sponsoring this month’s GFW PRSA luncheon! 

About Katie Coldwell 

Katie Coldwell has LUVed her job at Southwest Airlines for more than 15 years. An integral member of Southwest’s Communications Team, Katie leads Southwest’s corporate communication function, creating Southwest’s corporate voice, educating and inspiring employees, and fostering an outstanding reputation as a winning global company. Katie also works with the editorial communication team on message and channel strategy for all internal, external and online communications for employees and customers.

Katie graduated with a Marketing and International Business degree from Abilene Christian University. After graduating, she “landed” at Southwest Airlines where the company’s attributes of having a Warrior Spirit, a Servant’s Heart, and a Fun-LUVing Attitude align with Katie’s values. Katie first served Southwest Airlines in the Revenue Management and Pricing Department, then transferred to Communications four years later.

She loves to travel, so it’s a good thing that she works for an airline! On her adventures, she’s visited six continents and 36 countries. When she’s not living out of a suitcase, Katie lives in Farmers Branch, Texas.

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