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2019 Worthy Awards Entry Extension

We’ve EXTENDED the deadline for Worthy Awards entries! This Year’s Worthy Awards Are Totally Rad! Don’t be a space cadet and miss your opportunity to show the world that you are like, the most bodacious storyteller ever. So, like, get busy, dude!! FINAL DEADLINE: FRIDAY, AUGUST 30 CLICK TO ENTER It’s gonna be TUBULAR! …But ONLY if […]

Join us for our next GFW PRSA luncheon on Wednesday, August 14, at Colonial Country Club!

Two high-profile crises – the Jacqueline Craig incident and the uproar over SB4 – motivated the City of Fort Worth to assemble a task force and launch the Race and Culture Initiative in August 2017.  The 18-month effort required a sustained community engagement and communications strategy. Hear from Michelle Gutt, the City of Fort Worth’s communications chief, Bob Ray Sanders, […]

Join us for our next GFW PRSA luncheon on Wednesday, July 10, at Colonial Country Club!

The city of Fort Worth has always captured the imagination – and now more visitors are checking out our great city than ever before. Hear from Visit Fort Worth’s Executive Vice President for Marketing & Strategy, Mitch Whitten, on how the organization is sharing the welcome and helping boost our $2.6 billion visitor economy. When: […]

Poll Position: June PR History

Written by: Jeff Rodriguez, Historian This month’s column is dedicated to our Founding Fathers, who, from our earliest days of nationhood, had both the vision and the courage to grant women the right to vote. Oh wait: This is supposed to be historical. In that case, we should take a moment to remember June 4, 1919. On […]