Chartered in 1947, PRSA’s primary objectives are to advance the standards of the public relations profession and to provide members with professional development opportunities through continuing education programs, information exchange forums and research projects conducted on the national and local levels.

The history of the Greater Fort Worth Chapter of PRSA dates back to 1986, when Fort Worth-area members of the Dallas-based North Texas chapter petitioned the National Assembly for a chapter of their own.

Click here for a PDF of the Chapter Bylaws.

The following PRSA members signed the chapter charter:

  • Sami L. Roop
  • Paul O. Ridings, APR
  • Dennis Roberson
  • Sally Werst
  • Carolyn Stephens
  • B. Kim Forman, APR
  • Loyd Turner
  • Roger Rienstra, APR
  • John Seelig, APR
  • Drenda Williams Witt
  • Karen C. Cook
  • Jim Wilson

Several other PRSA members transferred their memberships from the North Texas chapter to the Greater Fort Worth chapter to help the fledgling chapter grow.

Today, the chapter boasts more than 190 members. Its monthly programs and periodic seminars provide professional development and networking opportunities for public relations professionals and students. Its community service projects provide local non-profit organizations with pro bono PR expertise. The chapter also supports PR education programs at several area universities and gives an annual scholarship to PRSSA members attending Texas Christian University and Abilene Christian University. As one of eight chapters in Texas and part of the six-state PRSA Southwest District, the chapter offers a means to connect members with colleagues throughout the state, region and across the country.

Past Presidents of the Greater Fort Worth Chapter of PRSA

2023 – Jessamy Brown, APR
2022 – Tracy Greene
2021 – Lesley Dupre
2020 – Laura Van Hoosier, APR
2019 – Beth Lamb, APR
2018 – Lisa Albert
2017 – Claire Armstrong
2016 – Liz Heck Confiliano
2015 – Michelle Clark, APR
2014 – Richie Escovedo, APR
2013 – Chris Smith
2012 – Allyson Cross
2011 – Carol Murray, APR
2010 – Tom Burke, APR
2009 – Andra Bennett, APR
2008 – Laura Van Hoosier, APR
2007 – Marc Flake
2006 – Holly Ellman
2005 – Heather Senter, APR
2004 – Pamela Smith
2003 – Roger Partridge
2002 – Kristie Aylett, APR
2001 – Mary Dulle, APR
2000 – Kim Speairs, APR
1999 – Paul Sturiale, APR
1998 – Beth Park, APR
1997 – June Norman, APR
1996 – Henry Stewart, APR
1995 – Douglas Ann Newsom, PhD, APR
1994 – Linda Johnson
1993 – Susan Schoolfield, APR
1992 – Bill Lawrence, APR
1991 – Carolyn Stephens
1990 – Carolyn Stephens
1989 – Julie Wilson, APR
1988 – Sally Werst
1987 – Sami Roop, founding president

GFW PRSA College of Fellows

The Greater Fort Worth chapter counts among its members eleven (11) professionals who have been elected to PRSA’s esteemed College of Fellows. They are:

  • Sandra Brodnicki, APR, Fellow PRSA (Class of 2022)
  • Laura Van Hoosier, APR, Fellow PRSA (Class of 2022)
  • Margaret C. Ritsch, APR, Fellow PRSA (Class of 2016)
  • Kay F. Barkin, APR, Fellow PRSA (Class of 2016)
  • Robert T. Hastings, Jr., APR+M, Fellow PRSA (Class of 2016)
  • Gigi Westerman, APR, Fellow PRSA (Class of 2013)
  • Dr. Amiso George, APR, Fellow PRSA (Class of 2010)
  • William M. Lawrence, APR, Fellow PRSA (Class of 2005)
  • Mary Dulle, APR, Fellow PRSA (Class of 2004)
  • Carolyn Bobo, APR, Fellow PRSA (Class of 2001)
  • Douglas Ann Newsom, PhD, APR, Fellow PRSA (Class of 1990)

If you are an accredited PRSA member with more than 20 years of experience, you may be eligible to become a Fellow. Click here for more information.