Beyond Words: The Power of No-Agenda Listening in Divided Communities

Dee J. Kelly Alumni & Visitors Center 2820 Stadium Drive, Fort Worth, TX, United States

Tragedy struck Fort Worth in 2019 when Atatiana Jefferson, a young Black woman, was fatally shot by a police officer while babysitting her nephew. This heartbreaking event, echoing the senseless killing of Botham Jean by a police officer in Dallas, exposed deep wounds in our community. But amidst the grief, a powerful realization emerged: Black […]

$20 – $35

Taming the Information Wildfire: Harnessing Technology to Counter Misinformation, Hate, and Extremism in the Digital Age

Nedderman Hall at UTA 416 Yates St, Arlington, TX, United States

In today's digital era, public trust is under siege. Misinformation runs rampant, fueled by AI and amplified by social media. Hate speech festers, eroding public discourse. Extremism flourishes in the shadows, threatening our very democracy. Can PR professionals be the fire brigade, wielding the power of technology to tame this wildfire?

Reality Check: Exploring the Ethics, Policies and Practices of Generative AI

Tarleton State University 10858 Texan Rider Drive, Fort Wort, TX, United States

Does everyone in your office practice the same AI standards? Is Generative AI usage disclosed to your clients and stakeholders? Should it be? In this session, explore ethics and possible policy updates through a guided brainstorming session and discussion.

$20 – $30