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Generation Z Insights: What Public Relations Means to the Digital Crowd

Ridglea Country Club

Born after 1996, today’s young professionals are digital natives, having lived their entire lives in an online world. Authentic and independent, they communicate in bite-size, preferring video and images over text and influencers over traditional PR and advertising. What does Gen Z know that you don’t? Join the Greater Fort Worth Chapter of PRSA from […]


Diverse Perspectives: Unleashing the Power of Culturally Competent Communications

Ridglea Country Club

In an era when politicians play to the extremes and verbal slights can lead to fatal conflicts, can we as professional communicators help shape more civil discourse? Can diversity and inclusivity in our campaigns better connect our messages with their intended audiences? Please join the Greater Fort Worth PRSA Chapter from 11:30 a.m. to 1 […]