Grass Roots Media Relations and Social Media for the Small Non-Profit

The Greater Fort Worth PRSA took an opportunity to give back to the local community with our annual service project. This year’s event was a free presentation and panel: “‘Grass Roots’ Media Relations and Social Media for the Small Non-Profit” and was held at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

Small non-profits, operating on limited budgets, need information, assistance and training to use media relations, social media and other public relations tools to help raise awareness of their important missions. The free workshop was the chapter’s way of providing some insight in these areas for local non-profit organizations.

The event included panelists (L-R) Sandra Brodniki, APR, Gigi Westerman APR, moderated by Nancy Farrar and Richie Escovedo.

Attendees had a chance to address and question panelists and speak with them one on one.

The following is the presentation:


Special thanks to PRSA members Kendal Lake and Dustin Van Orne from the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth for organizing the community service event.

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