November 2015 Luncheon

Multicultural Audiences: How to Effectively Communicate with America’s Fastest-Growing Consumer Group

Presented by: Raquel Daniels, chief strategy officer at OCG PR

Join the Greater Fort Worth PRSA Chapter on Wednesday, Nov. 11, as Raquel Daniels, chief strategy officer at OCG PR, discusses the key elements necessary to communicate and develop long-term, meaningful relationships with multicultural audiences, the largest and fastest-growing consumer group in the U.S.

Shifting global demographics continue to change the economic landscape, increasingly prompting organizations to seek specialized communications programs for diverse populations. Understanding these challenges is key to developing effective multicultural marketing campaigns.

As these groups continue to grow and dominate the consumer marketplace, their influence is rapidly creating a “new mainstream culture” that’s young, tech-savvy – and worth paying attention to because of its tremendous buying power. In order to sufficiently engage this population, communicators must say goodbye to traditional methods and begin developing culturally relevant approaches.

This program will provide ideas on how to foster meaningful connections with diverse audiences, including:

  • How to develop a broader perspective about multicultural communications and marketing
  • How to connect with the hearts and minds of the audience
  • How to formulate ideas to make your communications relevant



Raquel Daniels Bio Pic OfficialRaquel Daniels is chief strategy officer at OCG PR. As CSO, Daniels drives decisions that create medium and long-term improvement for the organization. Daniels is a skilled leader, practitioner and storyteller who connects brands with the hearts and minds of consumers. With more than 15 years of experience in strategic communications, she delivers insightful solutions and develops unique strategic connections between the brands OCG PR serves and their targeted consumers. Daniels’ experience extends from strategic communications and brand marketing to non-traditional marketing and targeted media placement for Fortune 500 brands’ multicultural marketing programs, including Southwest Airlines and Blockbuster. Prior to OCG, Raquel was vice president of diversity and multicultural marketing at a Dallas-based marketing and media agency.

Daniels loves health and fitness activities and spending time with her husband, Leo, and 6-year-old son, Ian.