Special Interest Groups

While attending a PRSA meeting or reading our newsletter, you may hear or read something about a “SIG,” as in “Nu PRos SIG” or “Masters SIG.”

So what’s a SIG? Our SIGs are the Special Interest Groups. These groups are designed to give members, prospective members, and PRSA guests a networking circle within their areas of interest or skills.

You do not have to be a PRSA member to be a part of our SIGs, but we encourage you to consider joining the ranks of PRSA for even more opportunities to network and advance professionally.


If you’ve reached the pinnacle of your career, you have a home. The GFW PRSA chapter hosts a Special Interest Group (SIG) that targets the interests of public relations practitioners who have extensive experience in the profession as exemplified through APR certification or 15 years of experience.

Throughout the year, members receive invitations to meet with the chapter’s guests of honor who typically are professionals known nationally for their expertise. Discussions center around managerial, strategic, political, global or philosophical topics.


Are you looking for a job in PR? Or perhaps you’ve already learned the ropes but need some grub to grow. If you have five years or less experience in PR, then this is the group for you. We offer plenty of valuable support to help you learn the lingo to become PR savvy, along with resources and networking opportunities geared specifically to new public relations professionals.